Presidential Chronicles is the series of books and videos on American history as seen through the lives of the Presidents of the United States.

Author David Fisher provides robust yet concise biographies of every U.S. President in this unique multi-volume collection. 



David Fisher offers the stories of the lives of the American Presidents in multiple formats.  First there are the individual biographies, which are available as E-Books.  The first 25 of these have been released (George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt), with more to come over time.

Then there are the Printed Volumes, which comprise five biographies each.  The first five volumes

which have been released include: The Founders, Democracy Expands, The Path to National Fracture,

War and Its Aftermath and Dawn of a New Century.

Finally, there is the companion video series of Presidential Chronicles which was launched on YouTube

in January 2022.  Each weekday throughout 2022 Fisher is releasing a new video, telling the stories, highlights, and perspectives of the first 25 Presidents of the United States.  This plan is for 250 videos over the course of the year, 10-12 minutes each.  The videos will be available via this web site and on the Presidential Chronicles channel on YouTube.